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Gulf Research Meeting

July 9 - 11, 2024


min 500 to max 750 words

I have read and accept the Participants Guidelines, Paper Guidelines, and Intellectual Property Guidelines.
I understand that, if selected, my participation is conditional upon submitting a paper by 31 May 2024 that follows the GRM paper guidelines and is approved by the workshop directors. Failing to do so will preclude me from joining GRM and does not give right to any reimbursement of costs I may have incurred by GRC.
I have read and accept the conditions and amounts of the honoraria.
I understand that I am responsible for making my own travel arrangements.
I understand that I am responsible for my accommodation arrangements and that while GRC can make suggestions on accommodation options, it is not responsible for those arrangements.
I understand that GRM serves as a platform for scholars from diverse backgrounds to engage in meaningful discourse and contribute to their respective fields. GRM allows for an environment where ideas can be put forward and knowledge shared without exclusion or bias. As such, GRM welcomes scholars from all nationalities on the condition that they respect the opinions of all participants.

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