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The Gulf Research Center Cambridge established the annual Gulf Research Meeting (GRM) in 2010 to provide an academic environment to foster Gulf studies and to encourage scholarly and academic exchange among those working on or interested in the developments that are taking place and defining the Gulf region and its constituent societies. Taking place within the historic outlines of the University of Cambridge, each Gulf Research Meeting highlights critical issues of importance to the Gulf region and provides a basis for undertaking and engaging in academic and empirical research in the fields of politics, economics, energy, security and the wider social sciences. Through parallel running Workshops dedicated to specific topics, the Gulf Research Meeting provides factual and insightful information about the region while promoting mutual understanding between the Gulf and the rest of the world. Particular emphasis is given to encourage young scholars, in particular from the GCC countries in addition to Yemen and Iraq, including those studying abroad, to engage in the debate and take part in research collaboration. Furthermore, the Workshops promote various research efforts among institutions from within the Gulf and other parts of the Gulf to heighten awareness of Gulf specific issues.












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