Workshop 8 / GRM 2024
Navigating the Future of Artificial Intelligence in the GCC Region: Opportunities and Challenges


The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the world as a whole are going through an important historical turning point because of the developments brought about by Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. AI applications and technologies have affected many industries as well as diverse economic and social policy sectors. On the one hand, such developments in the field of AI are providing new opportunities that different industries and socio-economic and technical sectors can benefit from. On the other hand, AI technologies and applications have also presented unique ethical, regulatory, and socio-economic challenges that governments in the GCC countries must deal with effectively. The primary goal of this workshop is to assess the state of the field of AI in the GCC countries and anticipate the future of how to employ its technologies to maximize returns and reduce potential risks that may be associated with the expansion of its use in certain fields. In order to harness the potential of AI, the GCC countries should develop an ecosystem that can maximize the AI benefits and at the same time protect end users from any risks that the use of AI technologies may cause.

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Associate Professor of Public Policy Associate Professor of Public Policy, Department of International Affairs
Qatar University

Dr. Ashraf


Professor OCCI Chair in Economic Studies
Sultan Qaboos University

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