Workshop 1 / GRM 2024
Migration to the Gulf: Possible Scenarios for the Future A View from the GCC and from Countries of Origin


Against the backdrop of the current transformations of GCC demographics and economies, as well as the socio-political and economic contexts of origin countries, the purpose of the workshop is to assess and forecast future trends and patterns of migration to the Gulf states.Taking stock of the multiplicity of migration determinants, from individual agency to meso-level and structural factors, the workshop seeks to: • Highlight the determinants (from proximate to remote) of labour and migration dynamics and policies in the Gulf states. • Evaluate the outcomes of migration-related policies and measures in the Gulf states on future flows, in terms of number, structure, characteristics, and dynamics, and critically assess existing estimates. • Analyse the perceptions of Gulf states’ institutional context and migratory environments by the origin countries and the way these impact emigration policies, processes, and decision-making in those countries. • Assess the outcomes of socio-political and economic changes in origin countries on future migration to the Gulf. • Measure the strength of different types of informal and formal networks and changes in them. The workshop covers the period from 2010 until the present, with a focus primarily on the postCOVID-19 pandemic period. The workshop welcomes contributions from all disciplines of the social sciences, theoretically grounded and supported by imperatively based evidence (field surveys, statistical datasets, policy, and other documents, etc.).




M. Shah

Professor of Migration and Development at the Lahore School of Economics, Scientific Director, Gulf Labour Markets, Migration, and Population (GLMM) Programme -


De Bel-Air

Senior Fellow
Gulf Labour Markets, Migration, and Population (GLMM) Programme

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