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The Group is comprised of a number of closely aligned investment arms. While independent, they share a set of common values and approach to effectively making and managing investments across asset classes and geographies. The Group’s activities are undertaken by three investment arms - the Bahamdan Group, Safanad and Arcola.While the Bahamdan Group makes and manages local investments in Saudi Arabia and across the MENA region, Safanad, which was established with the backing of Bahamdan in 2009, is a global principal investment vehicle used to execute and manage the Group’s global assets including investments in real estate, private equity and public markets. Arcola acts as a supporting entity, serving as the Group’s liquidity and wealth management platform and the manager of its investments into global securities. Today the Group has investments across multiple asset classes and industries including substantial holdings in the financial services, education, healthcare, real estate, telecommunications and media, aviation, industrial and construction sectors.The Group’s investments, which are made independently and alongside well respected partners, range from start-up ventures to established growth businesses and turnaround situations, which not only require capital but access to the expertise, know-how and business acumen that define Bahamdan and have allowed it to establish itself as a strategic global investor over the past 60 years.

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