A New Gulf Security Architecture: Prospects and Challenges for an Asian Role

Edited by:
Publisher: Gerlach Press
Published year: 2014
GRM year: 2013

In 2011, the world witnessed a tide of political changes in the Arab world, a region notorious for its political turbulence and unpredictability. Yet, the world was taken by surprise by the events of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. This series of events established, perhaps, the beginning of a new era of non-violent political activism and resistance against well- and long-established unpopular regimes in the region. The stability and longevity of the political systems dictated political relations and alliances in the world for a long time. Hence, the global reaction was a mixture of feelings – tension, surprise and even fear about the changes that were taking place, even though they were expected in some quarters. None could claim that they knew that such “creative anarchy” was capable of bringing about such quick and widespread changes and challenges that may not be limited to just political changes. 

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